So G+ says that I was right after all.  I am a real person! If you missed the original G+ snafu, read about it here.

Yes, Lael, there is a Santa!   Actually, it took me complaining over dinner about G+ to a friend of mine in DC whose son, as luck would have it, just started working at Google.  She forwarded my information to him, he worked some magic at Google and BAM! I’m a real person.

Google recently partnered with the National Congress of American Indians for Indigenous Mapping Day on August 9, 2013. This is a great endeavor.  It allows individuals affiliated with the tribe to add local roads, schools, health facilities, tribal offices and more.  In fact, it even allows tribes to map in their tribe’s language and currently supports Cherokee, Navajo, Inuktitut, Inupiaq, Kalaallisut, and Hawaiian.  If you are a person affiliated with a Tribe and would like to see Googlemaps accurately reflect your land, you should definitely participate.

However, given that Google is working on this project, it is disappointing that G+ does not have a better system of screening names like mine.  Maybe their exposure to tribal people through the development of this project will inspire someone at Google to take a look at their name policy.  Until then, let me know if G+ decides you are not a person due to your name violating their names policy and I’ll do my best to get to DC, find my friend, have her call her son, send him your profile link, wait several days and hope for a miracle.  I need an Easy Button.

Easy Button